To make your visit and that of your fellow visitors more pleasant, we kindly ask that you do not engage in any of the following conduct while on the  property. If you do, you are violating the Code of Conduct, which may result in your expulsion from the property.

Please refrain from the following while on the property.

  1. Taking actions that could result in a substantial risk of physical harm to persons or property.
  2. Threatening or harassing any person in any way, shape or form.
  3. Running, skating, roller blading, skateboarding, bicycling or any action that interferes with the free flow of traffic in the center and/or access to stores.
  4. Standing or walking in such way as to cause inconvenience to others.
  5. Littering, throwing, discarding, or depositing any paper, glass, or other matter of any kind anywhere except in designated trash receptacles.
  6. Defacing, damaging or destroying any real or personal property that is part of, or located in or on, the center, including writing, spraying, scratching, or otherwise affixing graffiti on such property.
  7. Bringing in animals, except for animals in the company of and trained to assist disabled patrons.
  8. Yelling, screaming, playing loud music or similar behavior that creates noise of sufficient volume to interfere with the hearing or peace of the general public.
  9. Engaging in protests, petitioning, or solicitation of any kind.
  10. Distributing commercial advertising of any kind, offering samples of items that are sold or available for sale, or actually selling products or conducting surveys.
  11. Wearing no shirt or footwear.
  12. Wearing pants below waist and displaying of undergarments.
  13. Sitting on stairs, planters, railings or trash receptacles.
  14. Bringing in alcohol or consuming alcohol anywhere other than in an area designated for that purpose.
  15. Possessing a firearm, explosive or incendiary device of any kind (including fireworks).
  16. Entering any area of the center not open to the public.
  17. Truancy.
  18. Violating any federal, state or local laws.
  19. Loitering or sleeping in any areas of the Mall.
  20. Loitering or clustering of tables in the food areas.
  21. Photographing of retail stores or Lebanon Valley Mall staff.
  22. The use of profane language, obscene gestures or wearing apparel deemed inappropriate.
  23. No one under the age of 16 is permitted on the premises after 6:00pm on Friday or Saturday evening unless accompanied by an adult or guardian.